Many people in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region are aware of the numerous failures that have been displayed at the federal level of government in Canada. The mistakes, mismanagement and very often, outright corruption, are obvious to almost everybody. Anybody with even a modest awareness of the political environment knows that there is plenty of room for improvement.
Discovering the People’s Party; its’ sensible platform and the no-nonsense capability of the founder and leader, Maxime Bernier has given me confidence that positive change is possible.
I no longer feel trapped under repressive government dictates that seem to be based on random and fragmented bits of science mixed with a strange UN desire for population intimidation. Now I feel a synergy with other like-minded Canadians who have realized that it is the government that must change and not the citizens.
The massive push towards collective guilt is failing. People are realizing that it is not a crime to want to get outside, enjoy fresh air and enjoy a patio meal with friends. On the contrary, living and interacting with others is normal and healthy; and it has been normal and healthy for millennia.
Yes, I want to be a good citizen just like anybody else. I want to respect others and follow laws that are designed to protect us. But when the cure is worse that the disease, when the rules are arbitrary and change from one week to the next; it is obvious that something is wrong.
I don’t need to get into too much detail here since you can quickly jump to the People’s Party of Canada website and check out our platform for yourself.
My goal is to fight for your rights, your freedoms and your best interests in Ottawa. Help me to help you – by voting for the People’s Party and bring sensible normalcy back to this great country we call, Canada. Thank you for your support.